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Used Notebook Buying Guide

1. Should you buy a used notebook?

2. What price should you pay for a used notebook?

3. What type of notebook should you buy?

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Used Notebooks Guide - Tutorials and guides for buying, upgrading, and repairing used laptops and used notebooks.

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Used Notebook Buying Guide

So you think you want to buy a used notebook? Many people do. With the price of an entry level notebook in the $700 to $1000 range, one can't help thinking that a cheaper notebook solution must exist. However, just like informed judgment should be exercised when buying a used car, a used notebook purchase requires similar scrutiny.

They are many aspects to buying a used notebook. In this article we discuss; whether or not you should buy a used notebook, what you should know before buying a used notebook, and what you should pay for a used notebook.

Should you Buy a Used Notebook?

While a $400 used notebook might seem like a great bargain compared to a $1,500 new notebook, a used notebook might just be a $400 mistake. Several questions need to be answered before you even think of shopping for a used notebook.

How will the used notebook be repaired? Since you are buying a used notebook, you really don't know if the notebook has been properly cared for. Used notebooks have a high tendency to break especially when moved frequently. If you are going to pay $300 or more for a used notebook, do you really want to pay a computer repair person $50 or more every time something goes wrong?

Do used notebooks have a warranty? Used notebooks sold by the original manufacturers (sometimes called "reconditioned" notebooks) usually have some form of warranty.
Used notebooks may have a 90 day warranty if purchased from a dealer, or they will have no warranty if purchased from an individual or an auction.

Warning: You should never buy a used notebook unless you can have your money returned if the notebook does not work, usually this is called a DOA (dead on arrival) return policy. The best way to make sure your money will be returned is to purchase the used notebook with a credit card.

Warranty Hint: Keep in mind that a new notebook generally has a 1-3 year parts and labor warranty.
So do you really want to pay $400 or more for a used notebook with no warranty?



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