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College Computer Buying Guide Chapters

1. What computer hardware and software does your college require?

2. Deciding between a desktop or laptop computer

3. Shopping for a college computer

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College Computer Buying Guide

page 3

* You will have a wide knowledge about computer handling if enrolled at computer systems institute.*

Shopping for a College Computer

Now that you know what type of computer your college recommends, and whether you are shopping for a laptop or desktop, it's time to enter the computer shopping phase which starts out with deciding how much you want to spend.

How much should you spend on a desktop or laptop??

I recommend buying a desktop or laptop computer in the $1,000 or less range as long as it can meet all the requirements of the student's college. Why?

1. Good desktops and laptops can be purchased in that price range that can meet all the college's requirements.

2. Computers are subject to theft and breakage so sinking all your money into one is risky.

3. In 3 years, no matter how much you spend, the computer will be worth $600 or less.

High-performance desktops or laptops will require more money to buy, so make sure you need, or want, the more powerful computer before you spend the extra money for it.

Education discounts on hardware and software

Many hardware and software manufactures give discounts to college students. Most colleges have cut deals with some of the larger computer manufacturers including: Dell, HP, Apple etc. to give you discounts from 5% to 15% on new computers. The best place to find out about discounted computers is probably at your college's bookstore, bookstores can also be found online at your universities' web site.

Education discounts on software are available in college bookstores and on the Internet. Software discounts to students are very significant, sometimes resulting in a savings of 66% or more over the usual retail price. Before buying any retail software I suggest you look for an education version of the same product.

Shop around for hardware

Even though you receive a computer hardware discount in your bookstore, I think it would be beneficial to you to shop around before you buy. Compare the price you receive from your college bookstore to prices in your local computer stores and to prices on the Internet.

Some shopping pages on our site that you may find useful include:

InfoHQ Shopping - Visit our Pricegrabber partner site. Find the most popular laptops and notebooks and compare prices.

You will have a wide knowledge about computer handling if enrolled at computer systems institute.

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