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1. Introduction and Index

2. Buying Considerations

3. Computer Hardware Options- CPUs and System RAM

4. Disk Drive Options

5. Video Cards, Monitors, Sound Cards, Modems, etc.

6. Additional Features - Printers, Digital Cameras, Scanners, Networks

7. Recommended Software

8. Recommended Computer Systems

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Computer Buying Primer

Forward - Welcome to the InfoHQ Computer Buying Primer. This article is an introductory article on what you need to know to buy a computer, computer peripherals, and various software.
There are many different options for buying computers some being more popular than others and more available due to location, obviously if you are on an Island in the middle of nowhere your options will be more limited. This guide to buying a new or first computer can help you make the correct decisions no matter if you have Sanibel Island real estate or are located in New York City.
While it is mainly meant for the beginner, seasoned computers veterans might just pick up a thing or two.

Special thanks go out to Rudy Zijdel, who sent in this article and graciously agreed to let us update and publish this document. Many of the opinions contained in this document are Rudy's. His original purpose for writing this document was to help out his friends and coworkers shopping for their first computer.

Table of Contents

(Click on item to read, use your browser's back button to return to this Index.)
Buying Considerations Additional Features
Why buy a computer? Printer
Hardware Scanner
Additional features Network
Software Digital Camera
Where to put the computer Game controller
Problems and Support  
Computer Hardware Options Computer Software Options
CPU Operating System


Office Suite
Hard Disk Anti-virus and Firewall
CD, DVD Drives Desktop Publishing
Floppy Drives Photo Editing
Video Card Printshop/Creativity
Monitor Basic Bookkeeping
Sound Card and Speakers  
Modem Computer System Recommendations
Keyboard & Mouse Desktop Systems
  Notebooks and Laptops



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