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Computer Graphics Card Upgrade Guide

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ATI and NVidia Graphics Card Comparison Tables

In the tables below, video card speed and other features are listed for newer ATI Radeon and NVidia GeForce FX video cards. Use the tables as a general guide to video card speed, price, and other card features.

9600 XT
9600 PRO
9600 SE
Frame Buffer 128MB DDR 128MB DDR 128MB DDR 128MB DDR
Memory Interface 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit 64-bit
Rendering Pipelines 4 4 4 4
Pixel Fillrate (Gpixels/sec) 2.0 1.6 1.3 1.3
Engine Clock (MHz) 500 400 325 325
Memory Clock (MHz) 600 600 400 400
Estimated Price $200 $165 $150 $130

Notes about ATI Radeon Graphics Cards: The ATI Radeon 9700 series of cards are no longer in production and have been replaced by the Radeon 9800 series cards which are not shown in the above table.
For those that are interested, the 9800 series of cards have 256-bit memory interfaces, 8 pixel rendering pipelines, and have fill rates that range from 2.6 to 3.3 Gpixels/sec. For more information on ATI's Radeon 9800 series video cards visit ATI's Radeon 9800 comparison table.

5950 Ultra:
GeForce FX
5700 Ultra:
GeForce FX
5600 Ultra
GeForce FX
5200 Ultra
Frame Buffer 256MB DDR 128MB DDR2 128MB DDR 128MB DDR
Memory Interface 256-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit
Rendering Pipelines 8 4 4 4
Pixel Fillrate (Gpixels/sec) 3.8 1.9 1.3 1.3
Engine Clock (MHz) 475 475 325 325
Memory Clock (MHz) 950 900 650 650
Estimated Price $425 $200 $150 $120

Notes about NVidia Graphics Cards: The NVidia GeForce 4 FX 5600 card is no longer in production and should not be purchased except by very savvy shoppers for prices considerably less than $160. Those that want better performance than the GeForce FX 5200 Ultra should upgrade to the 5700 Ultra.

General Comments on the Comparison Tables

The purpose of the comparison tables is to provide a quick guide to the various ATI and NVidia chipset video cards. The faster cards are listed on the left of the tables and the slower cards appear on the right.
Many factors influence a video card's speed, however to simplify the comparisons, we used fill rate speed.
Estimated street prices reflect what the author has recently seen and may or may not represent what you will have to pay for the video card. A shrewd shopper should be able to buy these cards for as much as 30%-40% less than the listed prices.

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