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Athlon DDR Article Index

1. Introduction

2. Iwill KA266-R Specs

3. Parts Shopping

4. DDR Athlon Building Requirements

5. Computer Building Steps

6. Install DDR RAM and Accessory Connectors then Power-on Test

7. Install Drives and Peripherals

8. Motherboard and Peripherals Evaluation

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Building a 1.2 GHz DDR Athlon with the Iwill KA266-R Motherboard

Written By: Mark Hamel, Webmaster

Deciding to Build an Athlon. I needed a new computer to run this site, and quickly decided that I would build a DDR, GHz class, Athlon.
I briefly considered a Pentium 4, however the price of R-DRAM is way too steep as I wanted at least 256 MB of RAM. Also, Pentium 4 CPUs still sell at a premium to the Athlon, and I wanted to stay within my budget.
Knowing that the 1.2 GHz runs roughly equivalent to a 1.5 GHz Pentium 4, I felt more than confident going with the Athlon.

Motherboard and Other Parts.

As I had visions of possibly using this new computer as an Internet server, my requirements for the motherboard were:

1. Double data rate (DDR) RAM capable.
2. At least 3 DDR DIMM slots for memory expansion.
3. Capable of using ECC RAM (more crash proof for servers).
4. Onboard RAID controller (used for server backup and hard drive speed enhancement).
5. Made by a company with a good reputation.

Hint: The heart of any computer is the motherboard. Choose a good motherboard and you should run trouble free for many years.

While there were a few different motherboards I looked at, the Iwill KA266-R seemed made for my requirements.

Iwill 266-R Manufacturer Specifications.

Iwill KA266-R with 1.2 GHz, 266 MHz Athlon and
Cooler Master Fan/Heat Sink.

Supports Socket A for AMD® AthlonTM & DuronTM Processors
Supports CPU Speeds from 600 MHz up to 1.2 GHz and Higher
Supports Adjustable Vcore & VIO

ALi® MAGiK 1 Chipset
ALi® M1647 (North Bridge)
ALi® M1535D+ (South Bridge)
AMI® 80649 ATA/100 IDE RAID Chip
C-Media® CMI8378 Sound Chip

Bus Frequency
Supports DDR 266/200 MHz FSB
Bye-Bye Jumper, Iwill Smart Setting (Software CPU Frequency Setting)

System Memory
3 x 184-pin Sockets to Support a Maximum of 3 GB of DDR Memory
Supports PC2100/PC1600 (DDR266/200) DDR SDRAM
Supports 184-pin Unbuffered DIMM

AMI® ATA/100 IDE RAID Controller
Dual ATA/100 IDE Channels
RAID 0, 1, 0+1 Functions

On Board IDE
Dual ATA 100/66/33 IDE Channels
Supports ATAPI IDE CD-ROM, ZIP-100 & LS-120

C-Media® CMI-87383D Sound Chip
4.1 Channel Hardware Sound
32-voice HRTF-base 3D Positional Audio
Supports Microsoft® DirectSoundTM and Aureal® A3D
Supports EAX (Environmental Audio eXtension) Sound Effects

I/O Interface
1 x FDD (Floppy Port)
2 x ATA/100 IDE Ports
1 x PS/2 Keyboard (supports auto swapping)
1 x PS/2 Mouse (supports auto swapping)
1 x Parallel Ports
2 x Serial Ports
4 x USB Ports (2 x optional)
3 x Audio Ports (Line-IN/Line-OUT/MIC)
1 x Game/MIDI Port
1 x Internal IR Header
1 x SMBus Header

Expansion Slots
1 x AGP Slot (AGP 4X/2X Mode; 32-bit/66 MHz AGP Protocol)
5 x PCI 2.2 Bus Master slots

2 Mb EEPROM with Flash Protection
"Bye-bye Jumper" Iwill Smart Setting
PC99 Compliant
Supports Plug and Play (PnP)
Supports ACPI 1.0
Supports APM 1.2
Supports DMI 2.1

Power Management
BIOS ROM Flash Control
Fan ON/OFF Control Signal
Manually Assign PCI IRQ
Power On by LAN/Ext Modem/Int Modem/PS2 Keyboard/PS2 Mouse/RTC/PME
Resume by LAN/Ext Modem/Int Modem/PS2 Keyboard/PS2 Mouse/RTC/PME
Temperature Sensors
Voltage Monitoring

Board Size
ATX Form Factor - 305mm x 244mm

Special Utilities
Acrobat Reader
Audio Rack Sound Utility
Auto Run Iwill Power Installer CD with Tools and Manual
Hardware Monitoring Utility
Trend-Micro Full-function PC-Cillin Anti-Virus Program
AMI IDE RAID Easy Setup using simple configuration utilities

Package Contents
1 x Iwill KA266-R Motherboard
1 x User Manual
1 x Iwill Power Installer CD
2 x ATA/100 IDE Cables
1 x Floppy Cable

Time to go shopping for the rest of the parts. >>>



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