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Article Index

1. Introduction and Maxtor Drive Specs

2. Buying a Second Hard Drive

3. Installing the Second Drive - Getting Started

4. HD Jumper Pins and Ribbon Cable

5. Finish Installation - Hard Drive BIOS Settings and Partitioning

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Adding a Second Hard Drive Review;
Demonstrated with the
Maxtor 13.6 GB DiamondMax Plus


This review was originally performed a few years ago, however it still has a lot of useful information as the procedures for installing a second hard drive have not changed.
When possible this review has been updated to provide current information.
Use the following index to jump to specific topics you want to read. You can also jump between pages using the links in the right hand column or the links at the bottom of each page.

Article Index
Maxtor Drive Specifications
Deciding to add a Second Hard Drive
Can you add a second hard drive to your system?
Hard Drive Buying Advice
Installing the Second Drive
- What to do First
- Changing Drive Jumper Settings
- Attach Drive Ribbon Cable
- Insert Drives into Computer and attach Power Connectors
- Boot the Computer and set drive BIOS settings
- Formatting and Partitioning the New Drive
- Booting Windows
- Finished
Reviewer Comments


Maxtor Hard Drive Specifications

Maxtor DaimondMax Box

Maxtor 13.6 GB DiamondMax Plus 6800 Specs
Reviewer Summary
(Full Review)
Easy to install, high performance hard drive. You can't beat the 3 year no quibble factory warranty or the free Adobe Photoshop LE software ($90 retail value) as an added inducement.
Packaging Retail Box - Full Kit
Drive Size 3.5 inches
Interface EIDE
Capacity 13.6 GB
Spin Rate 7200 RPM
Data Transfer Rate 66 MB/sec - Ultra DMA 66
Access Rate 9.0 milliseconds
Max Internal Transfer Rate 27.8 MBps
Buffer 2 MB SDRAM
Warranty 3-Year Warranty, Toll-Free Technical Support
Design Life Minimum 5 Years
Drive Failure Rate less than 1%
Average Retail price $135
Manufacturer's web site
Box Contents
Drive, hard drive ribbon cable, screw-on mounting rails (for mounting in 5.25 inch bay), Max Blast drive installation and hard disk copying software, installation manuals, and free Adobe Photoshop LE (see picture).

Company Description

"Try the new DiamondMax Plus 6800 from Maxtor and see the system performance a hard drive can make. Available in capacities up to 27.3 GB, this 7,200 RPM performance leader employs Maxtor's unique DualWave multi-processor controller for a 10x boost in command speed. Plus a fast 2 MB 100 MHz SDRAM cache buffer and UltraDMA 66 interface to enhance data throughput.

"Also featured is Maxtor's enhanced ShockBlock design, which provides superior protection from damage during shipping and installation. Whether your application is technical, multimedia, or Internet, the DiamondMax Plus 6800 will deliver system performance improvements you can feel."

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