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The purpose of the InfoHQ Computer Tech Advice Page is to accumulate some of our many answers to computer technical questions.

Computer Tech Advice Index

This page has grown to be two separate pages. Our first page, Hardware and Installation Problems , has questions and answers to all kinds of problems dealing with computer hardware. The second page, Windows 95/98 Problems , has all Windows related problems. Below you will find a complete subject index to both pages. Each subject will have its own index to individual questions and answers.
We also have a new feature on our site, the InfoHQ Computer Help MailBox. The Computer Help Mailbox is a collection of the latest questions and comments we have received from our readers. The Computer Help Mailbox is a place for you to ask questions, comment on our articles, or introduce new topics for discussion.
We also have articles that address specific problems which include; Help Getting that New Game Running - Instead of Crashing, and Computer Sound Card Help Please use our Site Search feature, to determine if your question has been answered elsewhere on our site.

Click on the highlighted problem area you wish to jump to. Use your Browser's "Back Button" to return to this index.

Hardware and Installation Problems Windows 95/98 Problems
Hard Drive/CD-ROM/Floppy Installing/Upgrading
Modem/USB/Serial Port/Networking Devices/IRQs/Drivers
Video Card Crashes/Lockups/Poor Performance
System Crashes/Lockups
Upgrading/Build Your Own


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