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1. Introduction

2. Spamming and Hacking Defined

3. Defending Your Computer

4. Antivirus Programs

5. Firewall Programs

6. Avoiding Spammers and Hackers

7. Reporting Internet Crooks to Law Enforcement Agencies

8. Getting Illegal Spammers and Hackers Kicked Off the Internet

9. Finding a Spammer's ISP

10. Finding a Hacker's ISP

11. How to find the ISP for a specific IP address

12. Composing our Email Complaint

13. Article Conclusion









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Fighting Back Against Illegal Email Spammers, Internet Hackers, and other Web Thieves

Page 9

Getting Illegal Spammers and Hackers Kicked Off the Internet

How to find an ISP for a specific IP address

Your firewall program probably has tools for tracking down the hacker's ISP with an IP address. However, for the benefit of those that may not have a sophisticated firewall program, I'll show you an easy way to track down a hacker.

I use an IP lookup tool from WhatismyIPaddress.com which will trace the hackers ISP when you investigate an IP address. Simply go to the WhatismyIPaddress.com website and type the hackers IP address in the little box above the submit button. Then hit submit and the whois tool will trace the IP address to the owning ISP.

IP address:
Host name: 6532236hfc122.tampabay.rr.com

TraceRoute to [6532236hfc122.tampabay.rr.com]

------- various info ------------------

Registrant: Road Runner HoldCo, LLC (RR6-DOM)
13241 Woodland Park Rd Herndon VA,20171
US Domain Name: RR.COM Administrative Contact
Technical Contact: Road Runner (NO789-ORG) abuse@RR.COM

US Domain Name: RR.COM

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:

Road Runner  (NO789-ORG)	abuse@RR.COM

andle: ZS30-ARIN

TechName:   ServiceCo LLC 

TechPhone:  +1-703-345-3416

TechEmail:  abuse@rr.com 

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE10-ARIN

OrgAbuseName:   Abuse 

OrgAbusePhone:  +1-703-345-3416

OrgAbuseEmail:  abuse@rr.com

OrgTechHandle: IPTEC-ARIN

OrgTechName:   IP Tech 

OrgTechPhone:  +1-703-345-3416

OrgTechEmail:  abuse@rr.com

------ end whois example ------------

The whois trace yields a lot of information, however the first three lines and the very last part of the trace yield the most important information. The first lines tell us that the ISP is www.tampabay.rr.com and the email address you complain to which is found in the last part of the whois information, abuse@rr.com.

Note: You can send your complaint to the TechEmail, OrgAbuseEmail, OrgTechEmail address, or all three addresses. Sometimes these addresses are different.

If you go to the ISPs' websites (www.rr.com or www.tampabay.rr.com) you will confirm that these are both Road Runner sites. So our hacker has originated from the Tampa Bay Road Runner ISP and we should send our complaint to abuse@rr.com.

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