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1. Introduction

2. Spamming and Hacking Defined

3. Defending Your Computer

4. Antivirus Programs

5. Firewall Programs

6. Avoiding Spammers and Hackers

7. Reporting Internet Crooks to Law Enforcement Agencies

8. Getting Illegal Spammers and Hackers Kicked Off the Internet

9. Finding a Spammer's ISP

10. Finding a Hacker's ISP

11. How to find the ISP for a specific IP address

12. Composing our Email Complaint

13. Article Conclusion









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Fighting Back Against Illegal Email Spammers, Internet Hackers, and other Web Thieves

Page 10

Getting Illegal Spammers and Hackers Kicked Off the Internet

Emailing the Hacker's ISP

Now we can send a complaint to the hacker's ISP, rr.com, to have them take action. I composed and sent the following email.

Usually you will receive a form letter in reply from the ISP, like this one:

From: abuse_autoresponder@rr.com
Reply-To: please_do_not_reply@rr.com
To: webmaster@infohq.com
Subject: [Automatic Reply] Hacker from your domain
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 02:26:13 -0400


This is an automatic reply to confirm that your message has been received by Road Runner Security (abuse@rr.com) describing an incident of alleged service abuse. You will only receive this message once per day.

All complaints regarding Earthlink High Speed Users (*.mindspring.com) should be directed to ABUSE@MINDSPRING.COM - Road Runner DOES NOT handle abuse issues dealing with Earthlink customers.

If you are a Road Runner subscriber, writing to complain about spam sent *TO* your Road Runner account, please visit http://security.rr.com/help.htm

* If your message contains obscenities, abusive, or threatening language
* directed at our abuse staff, it will be discarded without further action.*
* Please remember that the people who read complaints at this address are working to assist you with addressing your issue - RR Security
* *****************************************************

If you sent your message to an address other than abuse/security/fraud@rr.com, please be aware that your message was automatically forwarded to our centralized location at the address abuse@rr.com. You may wish to use abuse@rr.com, security@rr.com,
or fraud@rr.com for all future issues.

Road Runner is dedicated to ensuring that its service is used in a manner
that is consistent with the policies set forth in its Terms of Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy, a copy of which can be found at http://security.rr.com.
Road Runner takes all reported abuse complaints seriously, and will handle them in accordance with the above policies in a timely and efficient manner.
Should we require further information regarding your complaint, we will contact you.

Please note, although it is not always possible for us to provide a direct
human response to your complaint, we do investigate *all* complaints. As such, please do not interpret a lack of response as a lack of action taken.
If we find that a customer is in violation of our policies, we will take
the necessary action to stop the activity in question.

Thank you for taking the time to contact Road Runner.


While it's not overly gratifying to receive a form letter, at least you know that you've done all you can to stop further hacks from occurring to you and to others.
Your firewall's security log will track all hack attempts, so if you are hacked again by the same IP, don't hesitate to send out another letter.

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