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Desktop CPU Guide

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Welcome to InfoHQ's Desktop CPU (central processing unit) Guide. The purpose of the Desktop CPU Guide is to describe the major features of desktop PC processors manufactured by Intel, AMD, and Apple in the last 5 years. Hopefully, this CPU information will help the reader make informed computer buying decisions.
The article contains an index to the CPUs discussed, relative processor speed ratings, details on specific CPUs, CPU buying recommendations, and links to other related articles on InfoHQ.com and CPU manufacturer Web sites.
Please note that the right-hand margin contains links to all pages in this article.

Article Index

Note : Mobile and Laptop CPUs are discussed
in our Laptop Buyer's Guide

Desktop CPU Guide Index
Current CPUs, Chipsets, and Future CPUs
Intel CPUs
  Athlon 64 FX
Pentium 4 Athlon 64
Pentium III "E" (Coppermine) Athlon XP
Pentium III and Pentium IIIB Athlon Thunderbird
Pentium II Old Athlons (K-7)
  Athlon MP
New Celeron (0.13 Micron) Duron (Morgan core)
Coppermine Celeron Old Duron
Obsolete Celerons K6-3
Original Celeron K6-2
Second Generation Celeron AMD Chipsets
Pentium 4 Xeon Apple/Motorola/IBM CPUs
Pentium III "E" Xeons PowerPC G5
Pentium III Xeon PowerPC G4
Xeon PowerPC G3
Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Cyrix CPUs
Intel Chipsets M II


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