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Review of OfficeFIX, Microsoft Office File Repair Software

Fix Damaged Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access Files Instead of Losing Your Work Forever

A product has recently come to our attention called OfficeFIX that could be a lifesaver for those that have important Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook, or Access files which are saved in a corrupt file due to an unforeseen disaster (power outages in my office building were the most likely source). Hopefully, Office is able to save your Microsoft document before disaster strikes, but will you be able to recover the file and use it?

Many times a Microsoft Office product will save a corrupted file when Word, Excel, Access, or Outlook have been prematurely terminated. Usually these corrupted files are worthless, or just a small piece of the original file is saved, resulting in the loss of hours, days, or weeks of work.

Now thanks to OfficeFIX corrupt files will no longer be a problem. You simply download the appropriate OfficeFIX program (AccessFIX, ExcelFIX, WordFIX, OutlookFIX, or DeleteFIX Photo that can recover deleted photos), run the program, follow directions for recovering your files, and let the program "do its thing". You can see in the preview window if your files have been successfully recovered. At this point you have to buy the appropriate OfficeFIX program to gain full access to your recovered files.

I used the WordFIX program to recover a corrupted Word document and the software was fast and efficient. I wish I had found this group of products sooner as I had a bad Outlook crash that took out my whole mailbox and OutlookFIX is capable of recovering corrupted pst mailbox files.

If you try this product, or would like to make a comment on this article, please use the comment form below.

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Recover corrupted Microsoft Office files with OfficeFIX