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Why the Top Three?

Dell, Gateway, and Micron have consistently built the fastest, most reliable, and upgradeable computers in the industry. All three companies consistently win best buy recommendations from major magazines and usually have the fastest consumer PCs on the market. They almost always out perform the name brand consumer computers (HP, Compaq, IBM, AST, etc.) and have excellent warranties and phone support. They all would be perfect except for the fact that most people will have to buy them mail order (Gateway is opening walk-in stores in many areas). Unless you are going to build one yourself, these three companies are your best quality and value. All three vendors have a 30 day money back guarantee that excludes shipping costs.

Updated Information

Price and Feature Comparison Table

Company Phone Number Sales Tax States * Desktop Warranty * Laptop Warranty * P III Desktop 500 MHz Price* P II 300 MHz Laptop Price* Good Features*
Dell 800-374-8617 IN 1yr OS
3yr Lim
1yr Lim
XPS T500
Mar $2,499 Apr $2,229
Now $1,899
Insp. 3500 A300GT
Mar $2,407 Apr $2,109
Now $2,208
Reconditioned, Configurator
Gateway 800-846-7563 SD 1 yr OS
3yr Lim
1yr Lim 500H
Mar $2,599 Apr $2,499
Now $2,249
Mar $3,199 Apr $3,199
Now $2,499
Local Stores, Reconditioned, Configurator
Micron 800-284-2349 ID 1yr OS
5yr CPU and memory 3yr Lim
5yr CPU and memory 1yr Lim Max 500
Mar $2,499 Apr $2,499
Now $1,999
Trns Trk2
Mar $1,999 Apr $1,799
Now $1,799
Reconditioned, Configurator

* Table Legend

Sales Tax States : Main state is listed, there may be others.

Warranty : OS = On site (repairs made in your home), Lim = Limited warranty, usually includes parts and labor. There are conditions and exclusions to these warranties which you should read on the vendors' sites. You can extend an on site warranty to 3 years.

Desktop System Configuration - P II 500 CPU, 128MB PC100 SDRAM, BX chipset, 10+GB HD, 4.8X DVD or better , 16MB RIVA TNT AGP video card, 17 or 19 inch monitor. Note: This is the base configuration. There are variations between vendors.

Laptop System Configuration - PII 300, 32-64MB SDRAM, 3+GB hard drive, 56K modem, 4MB video card, 14.1 inch TFT screen. Note: This is the base configuration. There are variations between vendors.

Prices: Prices are current as of the posted date. As there are differences between vendor configurations, price comparisons should not be made without visiting the vendors' sites.

Models Names: Model names are as follows: Dell - desktop XPS T500 , laptop Inspiron 3500 (previous to January tracked D300GT); Gateway - desktop 500H (previous to January tracked G-6 450/Home), laptop 9100LS (previous to February tracked 9100XL); Micron - desktop Millennia 500 Max PCWorld Review, laptop Transport Trek 2 (300MHz).

Features: A configurator is an online table at the vendor's site which lets you add and delete computer components and prices the custom system for you. For example, you can increase the amount of system memory, choose a different video card, or select a different type of monitor. Reconditioned means the vendor sells remanufactured computers on their web sites.

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