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Looking for Internet Service in the UK?

Sky Can Help You Save Dough

There are a number of good broadband deals on the market. As with any competitive industry, each provider has their own edge on rivals, usually in the form of extra benefits and special offers. But, beyond these attractive introductory offers and frills, how can you be sure that you’re really getting what you want in the long term? Which, presumably, is reliable, speedy internet access. In short, you must shop around to be absolutely certain that the ISP you go with is right for you.

One of the key complaints of internet customers is the expectation that you will wait around on the phone for customer service. This is pretty frustrating – especially considering it was only necessary to call the company in the first place because there was some fault with the service. To then be kept waiting for an hour, listening to woeful music and eventually receiving bad advice, is immensely irritating. One of the better ISPs in this regard is undoubtedly Sky, who have won plaudits for the quality of their customer service. Thankfully, their service is excellent in the first instance – which could help explain why the queue is so short for their customer service call centre! There are three Sky internet deals available. Let’s dig deeper…

The Everyday Lite internet/phone package comes with a 2GB monthly download allowance making it perfect for light web users – people who perhaps only use the web for low-bandwidth activities like shopping, sending emails, and catching up on news stories.

For the more bandwidth-intensive user who will download a large amount of music and movies, Sky’s Unlimited package is definitely the way to go. The best thing about this deal is there is no ‘fair usage’ policy, or spurious ‘traffic management’ restrictions. For £15 a month, you can download limitlessly.

To save you even more cash, you can bundle home phone calls into the Sky Unlimited pack. You still get cheap phone calls, but without all the TV channels that you simply won’t use.

If you like the sound of any of these options, visit Sky’s website, where you will find more info on the high speed internet.


The price and availability of all products mentioned in the above article is subject to change.