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The goal of this page is to provide helpful advice and services in all areas of personal financial management including: income tax, money management, car buying/leasing, investing, insurance, retirement, loans, home loans, and mortgage loans..

Current Online CPA Articles and Features

Online CPA Personal Finance News Annuity Guide - A good introductory article on annuities. What they are, the different types of annuities, tax penalties for early withdrawal, and more (5 pages).

Online CPA Personal Finance News Debt Consolidation Loan Hints - What a debt consolidation loan is, when to use it, what questions to ask, and when not to use it.

Online CPA Personal Finance News Beginners Guide to Investing in the Stock Market - Explanations and tips for the beginner to use when considering investing in mutual funds or stocks.

Online CPA Financial Survival Guide Home Financial Survival Guide - Our financial survival guide includes three separate articles: Managing Your Cash flow, Managing Your Credit Cards, and Overall Conclusions

Online CPA Mortgage Loan and Refinancing Mortgage Loan and Refinancing Tips - Money saving advice and suggestions when refinancing or making a new mortgage loan.

Online CPA - Federal Income Tax AdviceHow to Pay Less Federal Income Taxes - Some tax saving ideas and pointers.

Online CPA - Federal Income Tax 1998 Rules Free Financial Information - Get a statement of how much social security you've paid from the SSA, forms and pamphlets from the IRS, advice on saving money, calculate how much interest you've earned on your savings accounts, savings bond information, and more.

Other Site Features

Life, health, auto, insurance Insurance Buying Primer - Hints and information on buying term life and whole life insurance

loan payment calculator Online CPA Loan Payment Calculator. A quick tool for figuring out how much a car, credit card, or mortgage loan payment will be.

Life, health, auto, insurance Archived Articles - Summary of New Income Tax Rules for 1998 - Includes new education credits, IRAs; and Financial News and Tips - Money saving news and advice.

Additional Budget Information for Personal or Business Practices

Life, health, auto, insurance Understanding Your CPA - A few pointers you should use when selecting your personal CPA.

Life, health, auto, insurance Personal Finance - The importance of creating a budget and how to manage it properly.

Life, health, auto, insurance Personal Budget - Tools to help you create your own personal budget and get your finances on track.

Life, health, auto, insurance Budget Maintenance - Maintaining your budget successfully by knowing where your money is coming from, how much you have, and where it will be going.

Life, health, auto, insurance Setting and Reaching Financial Goals - Understanding your financial situation and your personal money allowances are the first steps to reaching your financial goals.


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